calendar 2019/20

Time: 7:30

Place: Convocation Hall, Edmonton, Canada

Sharing stage with:

Violinist: J. Wawrowski, (Poland)

Cellist:    Dongkyun An (USA)

Singer:    B. Wawrowska (Poland)

Pianist:   M. Warszynski (Canada)

gala concert, montreal

Celebrating 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia!


Time: 7:30

Place: Chapelle Historique de Bonne Pasteur, Montreal, Canada

B. Smetana:  Concert Etude in G-sharp Minor, Op.17

                     "On the Seashore"

L. Fiser:        Piano Sonata No. 3 from the newest CD!


Time: 4PM

Place: CKUA Radio Performance Hall

           9804 Jasper Ave, Edmonton

Brahms Lieder & Intermezzi

wendy brook music festival

40th annual Wendy Brook Music Festival,

Vegreville, Canada

Piano Adjudicator


Debut performance with the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Claude Lapalme

Date&Time: November 2nd at 8PM

Place: Red Deer College Art Centre, Canada

china tour - zumi 2020

Time: Noon!

Place: Convocation Hall, Edmonton, Canada

Works: Lubos Fiser: Sonata III.

Sharing stage with pianists:

M. Adamek, G. Tardif, J. Despres and M. Warszynski

recital series
at mC dougall!

Time: Noon!

Place: McDougall Church,

           Edmonton, Canada

ZUMI Piano Duo

Program: Mozart, Liszt, Ravel & Dvorak

centennial gala concert
Red Deer Symphony Orchestra, Canada
armta continuing education
magical afternoon with brahms
and the Dancing Ribbons
Lecture Recital at JAMU

Lecture Recital for the Alberta Registered Teachers' Association

ZUMI Piano Duo

Time: 9:30 - 11:45

Place: Studio of Leslie Bai

           7811 - 158 Str. NW, Edmonton

Returning to my Alma Mater on January 24th, 2020 @ 2PM

Janacek Academy of Performing Arts, 

Brno, Czech Republic

Date & Time: November 23rd at 2PM


Place: Holy Trinity Anglican Church

           10037-84 Ave. NW, Edmonton


Program: Scherzo Op.4

                 Intermezzos (selection)

                 Sonata Op. 5


Date & Time: March 21st, 2020 @ 7:30 PM

Place:              Muttart Hall,

                        MacEwan Alberta College Campus

Program: Complete Ballades and Scherzos

Zuzana Simurdova & Mikolaj Warszynski - Piano

Liz Ingram & Bernd HildebrandtVisual Art Installation

ZUMI Piano Duo will return to China for their 3rd time!

Dates: May/June: TBA

past events
the shean string&piano competition
lecture on czech piano literature fro 1824 - 1999
noon concert at holy trinity
zumi piano duo
concerts for hasa
piano concert in vienna
zumi piano duo
gala concert
zumi piano duo
intercultural days
at concordia
noon concert at kings university

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Date & Time: January 23rd at 2PM

Place:             Concordia University Edmonton

Date & Time: January 26th @ 6:30PM

Place:             Polish Hall, Edmonton

Date & Time: February 8th at 19:30

Place:              Alten Rathaus Wien,                                  Austria

March 20/21/25th

Date & Time: April 10th at NOON!

Place:              Holy Trinity Anglican                               Church, Edmonton

Date & Time: May 3rd @ NOON!

Place:               Convocation Hall,

                        University of Alberta, Edmonton @ NOON!

Date & Time: May 17th/18th 2019

Place:              Muttart Conservatory Concert Hall,



Collaborative Artist

brahms festival in portschach

Date & Time: TBA


Time: 7 and 7:45 PM

Place: Muttart Hall, Edmonton, Canada

Collaborative Artists 

Prokofiev 2nd Piano Concerto and Beethoven 4th.


Time: 7PM

Place: Muttart Hall, Edmonton, Canada

Collaborative Artists 

Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto in B Minor


Time: 7PM

Place: The Holy Trinity Anglican Church,

           Edmonton, Canada

Canadian CD release of the complete Piano Sonatas by Lubos Fiser


Time: 4PM

Place: The National Library, 

            Fontanka Street. 36

            St. Petersburg, Russia

Russian CD release Concert of the complete Piano Sonatas by Lubos Fiser

piano recital in MOSCOW

Time: 7PM

Place: Concert Hall of the National Czech House in Moscow

Piano Recital celebrating the 100 anniversary of the Czech Republic

gala concert

Time: 7PM

Place: The Pushkin's National Museum 

           Moscow, Russia

Works by Chopin, Fiser

interview for a tv ct1 

- interview about the newest Fiser CD (in Czech language) 

dvorak piano quintets

Time: 7PM

Place: Muttart Hall, Edmonton, Canada


Dvorak's Two Piano Quintets

Pianists: Zuzana Simurdova

               Mikolaj Warszynski

Edmonton Symphony Orchestra Principals: Laura Veeze - 1st and 2nd violin

Eric Buchanan - 1st and 2nd violin

Clayton Leung - viola

Rafael Hoekman - cello

bohemian elegy

Time: 7PM

Place: Moravian Church, Edmonton

NEW MUSIC with Terri Hron!

silent night concert

Time: 3PM

Place: Convocation Hall, University of Alberta, Edmonton

The Wirth Institute Annual Concert

strauss foundation concert

Time: 3PM

Place: Convocation Hall, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Colaborative artist

Mendelssohn Songs & Mozart Arias

with Prof. Elizabeth Turnbull and Kathleen Corcoran

gala concert

Time: 7:30PM

Place: Polish Hall, Edmonton, Canada

Grand Opening Concert of the Polish Hall in Edmonton

ewazen trio

Time: 7:30PM

Place: Muttart Hall, Edmonton, Canada

Sharing the stage with Nick Sullivan and Alden Lowrey!

concert in montalcino

Time: 8PM

Place: Monastery of Montalcino, Italy

Private Concert of Piano Solo&Duo

china tour - zumi 2017

Time: 7:30PM

Place: National Centre

Beijing, China


ZUMI - Piano Recital Solo/ 4hands/ 2 Pianos

china tour

Time: 8PM

Place: Baoding Cultural Centre, China 


ZUMI - Piano Recital Solo/ 4hands/ 2 Pianos

china tour

Time: 7PM

Place: Jiangmen Cultural Hall, China 

ZUMI - Piano Recital Solo/ 4hands/ 2 Pianos

china tour

Time: 7:30PM

Place: Taiyuan, China

ZUMI - Piano Recital Solo/ 4hands/ 2 Pianos

china tour

Time: 7PM

Place: Jilin, China

ZUMI - Piano Recital Solo/ 4hands/ 2 Pianos

new music festival
"now hear this"!

Time: 7PM

Place: Muttart Hall, Edmonton, Canada


- 2 pianos repertoire of contemporary music -


Time: 12PM

Place: Kings University Hall, Edmonton, Canada

Piano Solo&Duo Concert with Mikolaj Warszynski

wirth institute anual christmas concert

Time: 3PM

Place: Convocation Hall University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

- Guest Artist

festival"nocturnes in the city"

Time: 5PM

Place: St. Venceslaus Church,

           Toronto, Canada

Piano Recital - Solo/Duo

gallery 345, toronto

Time: 7:30PM 

Place: Gallery 345, Toronto


Piano Recital - Solo/ Duo 

hungarian festival

Time: 7PM

Place: Convocation Hall University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada



-Guest Artist

beethoven 5th piano conerto 

Time: 7:30PM

Place: Casino Concert Hall,

           Marienbad, Czech Republic

West Bohemian Orchestra Marienbad

Conductor: Theo Wolters

franck piano quintet

Time: 7PM

Place: Muttar Hall, Edmonton, Canada

Franck Piano Quintet with the Masters from the ESO (Edmonton Symphony Orchestra)