"Zuzana from the CzechRepublic has an interesting take on the Polish master – a more considered approach in which she lets the music breathe and resonate. This is not Chopin in a hurry and Zuzana is a musician following her won path, which I generally consider a good thing. She showed a fine sense of dynamics and a strong and flexible approach to the keyboard...."
Review by J. James

IBLA New York Winners at Carnegie Hall​

"Performance of this young artist was characterized by a big sense of Chopin style, technical perfection, but also a delicacy in the command of the melodic lines.

Certainly we can say that here we have a great “Chopinist” because she absorbed the idiom of Chopin's music!”  

Joanna Tumilowicz Magazine Maestro, Warsaw

​Zuzana is a musician of a rare maturity at this age and en excellent performer with impeccable stage presence. She is blessed with an almost infallible technique, permitting her to indertake some of the most taxing works in the repertoire. But above all, it is her own musical sensitivity, eloquence and natural artistry that set Zuzana apart from her peers.

Cristopher Jackson FRSC, Chef d'Orchestre, Montreal

"Zuzana chose to present Chopin first concerto and interpreted it as if her heart belonged to Poland, with full understanding of the native elements the music is imbued with her expressive sensitivity, technical mastery and command of form are exemplary. What a pianist!..."

Piotr Grella-Mozejko, PhD., Panorama Polska, Edmonton

Zuzana a interprété avec brio mes seize compositions pour le CD PRELUDES A UN PAYS VRAI et je n'ai que des éloges à lui faire pour sa musicalité, sa technique, son professionalisme et sa disponibilté.  

Jean Chatillon, Compositeur Québécois, Quebec

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Gdansk, Poland
Edmonton, Canada
St. Albert, Canada
Maestro Magazine, Poland
Maestro Magazine, Poland