Laureates of Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris

The ZUMI piano duo (also known as Warszynski-Simurdova Piano Duo) was established in 2007 in Montreal – both concert pianists are versatile performers who enjoy playing a wide range of genres, as well as offering

a unique alternative approach to traditional presentation. In addition to performing piano duo for four-hands and two pianos, they enjoy to alternate solo repertoire and/or chamber music.


Since inception, ZUMI duo has been regularly featured in the performance of music by contemporary composers. In 2007, they gave the Canadian premiere of Claude Vivier’s Disintegration for two pianos, at the Theatre de la Gésu in Montreal, as part of the Serie Hommage of the Société de musique contemporaine du Quebec.


In 2009, they made their debut recital in Poland, during the prestigious contemporary music festival Swietokrzyskie Dni Muzyczne, held annually in the Philharmonic Hall in the city of Kielce.  In 2010, the Duo actively promoted the music of Chopin in a series of multimedia concerts on the occasion of the 200th Anniversary of the composer’s birth, produced by Mazurka Music and Art & Chopin2010 Alberta.

The Duo has since went on to perform 2 Canadian Tours (2011 & 2015), 4 European Tours (2013 & 2014, 16, 19), and  China Tours (2015 & 2017). The ZUMI duo has performed in Canada, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, South Korea, and China.


ZUMI duo performed at New Music Edmonton’s ‘Hear This Now’ festival with works commissioned for performance either on two pianos or four-hands. For this concert, they have selected a repertory of new works by living Canadian and international composers – including Piotr Grella-Mozejko, Ian Crutchley, Miguel Bellusci, Rozalie Hirs, Jacek Sobieraj, George Andrix, and Linda Catlin Smith.


In June 2020, the ZUMI duo will be on their 3rd China Tour.

More details to come soon!

"As a duo their playing blended superbly.

The jocular “Allegro molto” brought the concert to a

stunning conclusion. Both of the musicians were totally

synchronized – even in their gestures. It was definitely a

performance to remember."


Jerry Ozipko, Panorama Polska, Edmonton Canada 2015

From the China Tour...

Poulenc Concerto for 2 Pianos!

Swietokrzyska Philharmonic Orchestra, G. Kolberg, Kielce, Poland

Warszynski Piano Duo as Artists in Residence at the Cite International des Arts, PARIS 2014


Canadian Piano Duo opened the International Music

Festival Chopin Close to Motlawa River,

Gdansk Philharmony, 2014



International Music Festival Janacek's Hukvaldy 2014, Czech Republic


Celebrating CHOPIN 2010 IN ALBERTA, CANADA!!!



Zuzana and Mikolaj has been actively promoting the music of Chopin in a series of multimedia concerts on the occasion of the 200th Anniversary of the composer’s birth, produced by

Mazurka Music & Chopin2010 Alberta.


The concept of performing two Chopin Concertos on the same event and played by two different artists, offers a refreshing and unique alternative to the usual orchestral piano performance, both for the musicians and the listeners.
A sold out concert “Chopin Piano Concertos with String Quintet” sponsored by the Polish Culture Society took place on Saturday, October 10, 2009.
The Convocation Hall at the University of Alberta was filled with a very exceptional atmosphere. This extraordinary event featured Chopin’s Piano Concertos in the original version for chamber ensemble.
Edmonton’s audience had an opportunity to hear this version for the first time. The concert was a big success. The two Chopin’s Concertos were played by two different soloists, Zuzana Simurdova and Mikolaj Warszynski with the accompaniment of the “Mazurka String Quintet” – high profile Edmonton musicians:
Guillaume Tardif violin, Aaron Au viola, both   on faculty of the U of A music department; Joanne Yu cello, on faculty of the Alberta College; Tatiana Warszynski violin, and Rob Aldridge bass, both of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.
This chamber version was a refreshing and unique alternative to the usual orchestral performance, both for the musicians and the audience.
Zuzana Simurdova played Piano Concerto No.1 in E minor, Op. 1 1 in the first part of the evening.
Mikolaj Warszynski performed Piano Concerto No. 2 in F minor, Op. 21 in the second half.
The couple received a standing ovation and treated the audience with a duet by A. Dvorak for the encore.
The concert, without a doubt, was a success for   a Polish-Czech couple of pianists and the “Mazurka String Quintet”.





Kielce Philharmonic Hall, Poland 2009